YGQX-550 Dry Ice Blasting Machine


YGQX-550 Dry Ice Blasting Machine


The Magicball YGQX-550 Dry ice blasting machine cleaning with dry ice! This new development is quickly expanding around the world. One system uses small rice size pellets of dry ice shooting them out of a jet nozzle with compressed air .It works some what like sandblasting or high-pressure water or steam blasting,with superior results. The frigid temperature of the dry ice is -78℃.

When the rice-sized pellets are blasted against a surface, they disintegrate and change to carbon dioxide gas. The mould, along with other debris, becomes airborne and later falls to the ground.

Unique Features

★ SUS304 materials construction appears beautiful and reliable use
★ Control ice consumption stably by frequency conversion adjusting speed
★ Various spray guns applicable for different cleaning areas
★ Pneumatic vibrator makes ice supply evenly and smoothly
★ 260mm wheels increase machine stability.

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