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COLDBOX SOLUTION is a well-known dry ice supplier in Malaysia. Our headquarter is situated in Shah Alam, Selangor. The company specializes in supply dry ice block, pallet dry ice, dry ice slap and dry ice blasting. We are committed to deliver the best service, products, and consultation to our customer. If you have any questions, we will be glad to provide the best advice and support to you. Contact us now for more details.

Industries Served
Dry Ice Blasting
Dry-ice blasting is a process that uses pressurized air and dry ice to clean surfaces. It is often used as an alternative to sandblasting as it does not require any water or chemicals.

The process starts by freezing dry ice into a solid block. The surface of the material to be cleaned is then sprayed with pressurized air and the dry ice is blasted onto the surface. The pressure from the air causes the dry ice particles to break apart and stick to the surface, removing dirt and grime with it.

Health Care
Hospitals and laboratories use dry ice when transferring sensitive samples, organs, blood, and other materials that need a cold environment to survive the journey.

In the Events Industry, dry ice is most commonly used in fog machines to provide a dense layer of fog on a stage or floor. Pouring hot water over dry ice in a bowl or bucket is the simplest way to make fog.

In short, dry ice shipping is the process of shipping temperature-sensitive items like medicine, vaccines, frozen foods, and more. Since dry ice does not convert to liquid and evaporates directly as a gas from its solid state, it's the best material for insulating and protecting temperature-sensitive products in logistics.

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